October 2, 2012

Lainey's First Book

Below is the first publication of Lainey's first official book, titled "The Girl and the Moonstone", as it was read to me last night before bedtime. Enjoy it now while it's still in marker-and-notepad version, it's sure to become a new #1.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lainey...

(Lainey has some incredible upper body, wouldn't you agree? That girl could probaby bench press me!)

Lainey was outside in the garden when she saw a beautiful flower...

(That grass looks a lot like our new yard, complete with cactus weeds that drive spikes into the sensitive undersides of your bare feet. Ask me how I discovered them...)

The flower had a caterpillar on it! He was scrunching along...

(I think "scrunching along" is my new favorite phrase.)

And then he built a cucoon and wrapped himself in it (but it didn't have any yucky things hanging from it like the one in our classroom). He turned into a BEAUTIFUL butterfly with rainbows on his wings...

(Lainey is really concerned about some "yucky thing" that is hanging from the bottom of the caterpillar cucoon in her preschool classroom. She tells me about it two or three times a day. Also, the caterpillar's name is Frederick.)

And the butterfly said "Follow me if you want to see the rainbow!" and so the girl followed him and on the road was a juggler clown who was juggling oranges. The girl was hungry and said "Mmmm let me have an orange!" and the juggler wanted to see the rainbow so he came with...

(I'm really thankful to live in an area where I don't find random clowns sitting around juggling on my way to work. That would really disturb me...I do like oranges though, so...)

They walked and they walked and they walked and all of a sudden it rained magic rain and it turned the butterfly into a unicorn! But the unicorn was also a giraffe. It was called a girafficorn.

(Best. Animal. EVER.)

And finally they walked and walked and got to see the rainbow and it was beautiful!

(Whew, that rainbow can barely contain all of those colors!)


(Where - and what - is the moonstone, you ask? *shrugs* I feel like maybe she hit a creative block and decided to plagarize from the Tinkerbell movie she had just watched. Or perhaps she is saving that for the exciting sequel. I sure hope the Girafficorn makes an encore appearance).