July 31, 2010

Just Call Me Supermom

So far this week, I have:

** Attempted potty training, with finally an inkling of success today... (Note to self: Do NOT run low on fruit snacks...)
** Convinced my daughter that her pacifier was "lost". And she actually bought it without a fight - I now have a paci-free toddler!
** Got my son to start napping in his OWN bed, consistently, without me having to pat his butt until my arm cramped up and felt like it would fall off.
** Took both kids grocery shopping, a feat I've only attempted once when my son was a newborn and I didn't know any better.
** Went to the zoo, despite the fact that it was so hot we may as well cooled off in a pit of burning lava.
** Played at Rocket Park for a good two hours until I had to drag my stubborn toddler's exhausted, sweaty body off of the slide and carry both squirmy and crabby kids (35lbs and 18lbs) for what felt like a mile back to my car.
** Taught my daughter the letters "A" and "B", to where she can consistently recognize them wherever we are. Next step: Get her to stop saying "Look mom, a Number A!"
** Also, apparently, taught her a curse word. Daddy dropped something and we were both quite surprised to hear a tiny voice say "What the h*ll?"
** Read the "ice cream train" book so many times that I can recite it upside down with one hand tied behind my back.
** Filled out daycare paperwork.
** Celebrated my son's 8th month of life.
** Spent 45 minutes at the imaging clinic for his heart echo, only to be told that Doogie Howser was not only uncomfortable doing an echo on a child so small, but that he had never, in fact, heard of my son's condition before. Thankfully he was honest and didn't make us sit there while he looked it up on Google, like the tech a couple months back did.
** Spent another 45 minutes driving over to another hospital to see another tech who actually looked as though she had graduated high school, and might also perhaps know what she's doing too.
** Spent yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow and Monday nervously awaiting the results as to whether or not my son still has any pronounced heart defects. I guess the cardiologists definition of 24 hours and mine vary slightly....
** Built close to 149 MegaBlok towers, only to have them destroyed by a little redheaded Godzilla.
** Picked up those same MegaBloks more times than I care to recall.
** Cleaned, laundered, scrubbed, cooked, chauffeured, bathed, rinsed, emptied, organized, washed, dusted, vacuumed, trashed, wiped, changed, and swept.

And still had time at the end of each day to reflect on how lovely it all is despite the everyday chaos.


  1. Your are supermom! I laughed because I think I could have written this post :). We went to the Columbus Zoo last week and walked 4 straight hours in 103 heat and STILL did not see everything. Finally had to leave as I thought I might die.

    I'm sorry that you have to wait and worry for your sons results. Prayers that everything is okay!

  2. WOW! You are amazing! (p.s. you just won my blog giveaway!)

    lol - I have to laugh about teaching her "words!" Q has started repeating e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. we say! lol it's so cute and funny, but I am having to watch myself!

    GL with your lil boy - I hope all is well. Waiting is soooo hard.

  3. So enjoyed this post! Sounds like our life! Congrats on having a week "on a roll"! You a definitely deserve the "S" emblem on your shirt!

  4. Congratulations on all that you accomplished! Learning the alphabet my baby has jumped to the letter "M" and when counting she starts with "2". I have a bit of straightening out to do.

  5. Wow! That's quite a list. I hope all is well with the doctor.


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