September 9, 2010

Johnny and the Windy City

Johnny (and the rest of the family) took a little overnight trip to Chicago this week. He was so excited, the smile never left his face! He had to sit through a long car ride first though:

But when we finally arrived, he couldn't believe the city view (though he had to take it all in quickly, before the treacherous winds blew him into Lake Michigan):

We headed inside the aquarium where Johnny met up with a weedy seadragon:

It had been a long day, so we decided to kick back at the hotel for the night:

The next day, we hit the Brookfield Zoo, where Johnny got to see a rhino:

AND an elephant:

Though I think, despite his happy demeanor, he was slightly disappointed that he was not tall enough to ride the carousel:

It was a great trip, one Johnny will not soon forget.

(PS, Lest you think I'm a terrible mom, I DID get some pictures of my children as well. But that is a longer post for a night when I actually have a few ounces of brainpower left.)


  1. Johnny looks so happy- that smile plastered on his face. I'm curious if you caught any pics of him doing shots at the bars after such a long day of travel- hehe!

  2. I love Johnny, I also love your children. I'm living through your family experiences until we have our own someday.

  3. Love it! :D You are so creative! I bet your daughter had fun helping Johnny sight-see, too :)


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