March 30, 2010

An Introduction is in Order

I suppose, in the off-chance that someone who doesn't actually know me might want to read this too, I ought to introduce myself and the subjects of my musings.
I am Alex, a dangerous combination of a 20something redhead and Gemini, living life with my husband Travis. Our greatest accomplishments come in the form of two beautiful and spirited kids - Alaina ("Lainey"), who is 2 years old, and Owen, who is 4 months old. Let's pause a moment to "ooooh" and "aaaah":

Lainey is the ultimate free spirit. Her pasttimes include dancing, coloring on anything and everything except paper, eating raisins off of the floor, and hiding from the imaginary worms in our dining room. She is a constant source of amusement and I am amazed every day at the person she is becomming. Her brother, Owen, is my little sweetheart. In his few short months of life he has shown more strength than I've seen some adults display. He was born with a vascular ring, a condition where the blood vessels in his heart did not form properly and created a "ring" that was pinching his airway shut. He had surgery at the tender age of 3 months old, has been hospitalized once since then for breathing issues, but appears to be on the road to recovery. He is a momma's boy through-and-through, and would be a pretty content child if men in general just didn't exist - or at least didn't try to hold him.

In my free time I....wait, I don't have free time. Let me rephrase. I am an artist, have been since I was old enough to hold a marker. I love the expression, and the creation, that comes along with painting. I also do portraits in my non-existent free time. Here is a blatant self-promotion of my art (feel free to "oooh" and "ahhh" here, as well):

We live in the midwest, stragically positioned between a cornfield and The World's Largest Truck Stop. Been there, they have a great buffet. But I digress... There you have the synopsis of this Common Goddess. If you choose to be my "follower" I'm sure you will learn more about us than you ever wanted to know.

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  1. Hi there! Saw your post on DS. We are also located in the midwest (Wisconsin) with a daughter and son. Welcome to the blogging world!


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