May 4, 2010

Buried Treasure

Actual conversation that took place between Lainey and I last night:

**enter gas noise here**
Lainey: "Lainey TOOTS!" Giggles.
**enter another gas noise here**
Lainey: "More toots!" Giggles again.
Me: "I heard that!"
Lainey: "OH NO Smell it!"
Me: "Oh yeah I smell it!" (I really didn't, just thought I'd humor her....)
Lainey: "Mommy...BURIED TREASURE!"

I tried to regain my composure enough to play rock paper scissors with my husband to see who would go digging into her diaper for this apparent *buried treasure*. Turns out, it was a false alarm.

Foot note: You know you are a mom when your last two blog posts feature poop as their main topic.

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