May 19, 2010

Greatest Hits

Have you ever felt like today's music lacks a certain creative quality? Like perhaps every song sounds just the same as the last, and that if you hear another tune about someone in a club or one that contains the word "grill" you just might throw up in your mouth a little bit?

YOU, my friends, are in luck! Lainey has become a one-woman singing machine, and I'd like to introduce you to yet another aspect of her creative genius - songwriting.

For instance, her favorite hit goes a little something like this:

I Like Fish
I Like Fish
I Like Fish
I Like Fish
What's that? That's the ant.
What's that? That's the ant.
Swimming on the ground!

Or possibly Rock-a-Baby is more your style?

in the treetop
when a wind blows the cradle will rock
and then a wind blows and then the wind blows
and down will come Lainey, cradle and all!

(It's very windy near this cradle, as it seems).
Another surefire hit is this one, a remake of two different songs that she sewed together with love:

Pockafulla Posey
Ashes Ashes Ashes AshesAshesAshesASHES

Truth be told, I've never heard the end of this song, it usually ends up with her falling after spinning herself into an unmoveable object, such as the couch or the floor. I don't even know who the kids are listening to these days, because I'm an old fogey now (as evidenced by the fact that I just used "the kids" and "these days" in the same sentence) - but I feel confident that we could produce a Lainey Bop CD that would blow them all out of the water.

Wait, do they still make CDs?

Anyhow, I leave you with this final lyrical masterpiece:

Hush Lainey Mommy
Momma show you a shooting star
and mommas reading a book with you
and then the book is read
and momma show you the moon
and the moon is in the skyyyyyyyyyyyy
and singing a lullaby.

Eat your heart out, Miley.


  1. love it. Bryan loves to sign what he's thinking, like the fish song, often about chocolate or chocolate

  2. This had us rolling. Home movie please.


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