May 31, 2010

Creative? Or Mentally Ill? You decide.

Leave it to Yahoo! to bring the real hard-hitting science to light. In my search to find out all the things that could potentially kill me, I found out that I may already be one twig short of a cuckoo's nest.

Creativity, Schizophrenia Share Similarities in the Brain

Those of you who know me personally are probably tallying up all the warning signs in your head, including but not limited to murderous dreams, musical ADHD, and the crippling ineptness I display in the kitchen. But I assure you that I do not hear nor respond to voices in my head (which, of course, is the official way to diagnose someone with schizophrenia).

I think I'm going to my own study - "Scientists Create Mythological Studies in Order to Overcome Jealousy and Social Awkwardness".

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