April 14, 2010

Awesome Things

I found a blog tonight titled "1000 Awesome Things". In it, this blogger compiles a list of free and simple things that just make your day. For instance, "Finally Peeing After Holding It In Forever." That, without a doubt, makes my Top 10. After deliberation, I came up with my own list of Awesomeness.

-- Having the windows open on a nice spring evening (assuming you don't have the peeping neighbors or the ones who exchange obscenities at 2am)
-- Opening a package of Skittles and finding that it's full of red ones.
-- Seeing an elderly couple holding hands.
-- Warm sheets fresh out of the dryer.
-- Baby smiles, with or without the drool.
-- Having an occasion to put on that *ONE* perfect outfit that hides all your flaws and makes you feel like Wonder Woman.
-- Sneezing after a long battle against nose tickle.
-- Laying down after a busy and exhausting day.
-- Watching a 2 year old shake her groove thang while simultaneously doing jazz hands.
-- Finding one more Dark Chocolate 'n Cherry granola bar....mmmmm...in the back of the cabinet after you thought they were all gone.
-- Getting in the car to go somewhere and your favorite tune just happens to be playing.
-- The last chapter of that book that you just can't put down. Or a chapter, in any book, period (time constraints have forced me to lower my standards on this one).
-- Coming across that mutant animal cracker that was a giraffe (?) and a rhino (?) fused together into one mega-species of deliciousness.
-- Ridiculously tiny baby socks. Double awesome points if they have some type of cute animal on them.
-- A rose in December. Or anytime, really.
-- Random texts from good friends.
-- Having time at the end of a long day to write up a list of awesome things that make you smile.

These guilt-free pleasures have been brought to you by this Common Goddess. What Awesome Things make your day?

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