April 30, 2010

Picasso, Reborn

I've decided that aside from being the most entertaining little person out there, my daughter also has some pretty amazing art skills. I'd like to think that this is something genetic that she inherited from her mom, but really I think it stems from her desire to create really large messes. Either way, I'm pretty proud to show off one of Lainey's first projects. Here is how it began:

And here is the finished product (with a little help from mom and a pair of scissors):

Flowers were an obvious choice, though Lainey has already indicated that she can not only paint flowers, but monsters, bugs, and trees as well. Art genius and Goddess-in-the-making, no? Be on the lookout, this little Picasso may just have her own website soon....

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  1. How great is that?!?! and I love the flower you turned her creation into! That's a great way for her to have complete freedom in the creation - yet also inspire her that there's more to it that just tossing paint around. Awesome!!


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