April 10, 2010

There is officially something wrong with me....

Yep, that's it, it's confirmed - there is officially something wrong with me.

I'd been seeing the signs for a while now. Usually it happened when I was in the car, and then it started happening at home too, and by the time it started invading my sleep I realized that I had reached a point of no return.

And today, I decided not to fight it anymore. So I did the unthinkable.


....I downloaded an Adam Lambert song. **Shaking Head** By itself, not a major cause for concern. But when you add it to a list that already contains music by Britney Spears, Nickelback, and Lady Gaga, you have an open-and-shut case of Pop Culture Syndrome. I have never been a sheep, in fact usually if someone tells me to like something it gives me reason NOT to like it just because that's the defiant redhead in me. And just based on the sheer volume of times these songs are played on the radio they should fall into that category. But, dang, those tunes are catchy!

In order to combat this disease, I went ahead and downloaded some Melanie Fiona, Sick Puppies, and a new Martina McBride song to prove that I am, in fact, still a well-rounded individual. (To those who don't know me, it isn't unusual to find all three of these artists, along with Adam, back-to-back on my playlist. I guess I should add Musical ADHD to my list of ailments.)

Don't judge. Even Common Goddesses succumb to such things.

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