April 27, 2010

Oh No! Not Sophie!

I finally gave in and ordered Sophie the Giraffe as a companion for Owen. I've never spent that much on something that will just get drooled on, but I justified it by using some PayPal and a gift card I got from Swagbucks. Wait a minute, you've never HEARD of Sophie the Giraffe? She is a "must have" in the teething circuit, so I've been told - and I was so excited to get her in the mail last week.

We went on a walk the other day, a mere four days after Sophie's arrival. She was riding dilligently in the stroller, her back foot planted in Owen's gums and her face glistening with slobber in the beautiful afternoon sun. After walking a good mile and a half, we finally got back to the car and as I'm pulling Owen out of the stroller, I noticed there was NO Sophie. Anywhere. Panicked, I backtracked the whole way (yes, the entire 1.5 miles there and back) with Lainey calling out "Sophie where aaaaaaaaaaaaarre yoooooooooou?" No luck.

Murphy's Law has played yet another trick on this Common Goddess: The more expensive the toy, the more likely you are to lose it. R.I.P. Sophie, we hardly knew ye...

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