April 25, 2010

Owen, Boy Wonder

A few days ago, I had my son standing on my lap. He was doing a little Riverdance jig on my lap that I playfully nicknamed the "Crotch Crusher" because I'm pretty sure his legs were battering rams in a former lifetime. He suddenly straighted his legs out and stood, very deliberately, for a period of no less than 3 or 4 minutes. I held my hands out for him to hold, but he took them merely for balance - he was strictly holding his own weight. Feeling certain that I had given birth to the Eighth World Wonder, I set him down on the ground and let him show off. There he stood, holding on to the sofa and smiling his big ear-to-ear grin.

Day two, I was a little less sure. He's a week shy of 5 months old, after all. I thought maybe it was a fluke, and that I let the "My-Kid-Is-The-Best-In-The-World-At-Everything" attitude take over the reasoning sector of my brain. So, when he was sufficiently fed, changed, and alert, I put him over by the ottoman. This is what I got:

A-HA! He is a boy wonder after all! He stood there long enough for me to ooh and ahh, come to realize that I should probably document it, struggle to dig through things on the counter to find my camera, fight with the camera to get the right setting, and eventually manage to take some pictures. He created a nice little puddle of drool on my ottoman but remained completely oblivious as to what the fuss was about. So if his medical ordeal weren't enough, here is more evidence that my little man is made of steel.

Yes, it's true, this Common Goddess is letting her mama pride show - but let's face it, I have some pretty awesome kids!

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