April 3, 2010

Oh Budget, How I Loathe Thee

I decided that after years of spending whatever we want, whenever we want, it might be a wise idea to put some things down on paper to visualize where our money is going. While it may have been a wise financial decision, it sure came as a personal eye-opener. I mean, really - who spends $78 a month on pizza? :Raises Hand: You may think that Pizza Monday is a really good (and delicious) idea, I know I do, but good grief, that's over $900 a year. I think that's more than our car insurance, and I'm willing to bet that Pizza Hut isn't going to pop out that dent in my fender...

So, its obvious that we need to get smarter about our money. Making a budget was priority number one. I spent an hour plotting numbers on a graph in a hope that I'm not as doomed as I thought. I analyzed our grocery spending, restaurant spending, random Ebay spending, and then realized that I had no idea what I was doing and decided to just make up a number that sounded good. I don't know if it is realistic, but unless I want to be blogging from a cardboard box this time next year we'd better work on it.

After the budget came coupon hunting. You'd be AMAZED at the coupons you can find for things online. From car washes, to yogurt, to an hour-long massage (ok ok, this doesn't fit into my spending...). Why in the world does anyone pay retail, anyhow? Beats me. I dutifully collected my grocery coupons and had them neatly placed inside the front pocket of my bag, ready to whip them out and show the cashier that I was the master - flash her the grin of superiority that I had practiced in the mirror - and push my cart off into the sunset, knowing that today was the day that I got the best of that store.

Well, that was the idea, anyway. Halfway out of the parking lot is when I noticed the top of the stack of coupons peeking at me from the front pocket. All that time clipping, searching, organizing, and I forgot. You win again, grocery store. But just wait, next time I will be back with TWICE as many coupons. Ooooh boy, will that cashier hate ME (and likely, everyone behind me in line also).

I am sure to encounter more bumps in my financial road, but I stand ready and willing to stare down that budget - this common goddess WILL conquer.

Pizza Monday stays, though.

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