April 8, 2010

My Parenting Is Better Than Your Parenting

I’ve never really been one to advertise my parenting practices, but I've been having a lot of conversations and answering a lot of questions about three specific topics as of late, so instead of carrying around scripts of dialog and web addresses in my purse, I’m going to write it all down here. The title of this was written in jest - I’m really not trying to preach, or tell anyone else what to do. I merely want to share information that I’ve found and the choices I’ve made because of it. Feel free to take it as you will. Or ignore it. Or ask questions. Or heck, argue with me, if you want - I love a good discussion *wink*

1) I Cloth Diaper. Yes, it’s true. But they aren’t your grandma’s diapers, and heaven knows if I had to pin them both my children and I would be regulars in the ER. No, these are just as easy - if not easier - than disposables. Stick ‘em on a butt and velcro ‘em shut, that’s my motto! BumGenius are my diapers of choice. One stash of about 30 of these diapers costs approx. $540 and they are adjustable so they will fit up until the kid is potty trained. Average cost of disposables for 2 years? $1600. BIG difference. Not to mention that every time I put a cloth on, it’s one less ‘sposie in a landfill. And, by golly, that just makes me feel good. I still use disposables time to time when I haven’t kept on top of laundry like I should, so I’m not a fanatic about it. But I know the kind of money I am saving and the good I’m doing for the Earth and that keeps me going with it. There are a lot of other benefits too, feel free to read up on it more here: Diaper Facts.

2) I Don’t Believe in Spanking. Hitting someone to teach them not to hit is just, well, silly - not to mention harmful to their little psyche. Studies consistently show that spanking a child has long-term behavioral effects, from learning difficulties to aggression to sexual deviance. Don’t believe me? Do a search - CNN, Newsweek, and scientific studies all over the internet will say the same.

3) I Say NO to Circumcision. Possibly one of the most controversial views out there, especially in my own little world. “But why, Alex? People get it done all the time!” Yeah, well, people eat peas all the time too but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pick up a fork and dig in. Eating peas, however, does not have the permanent and life-altering effects that circumcision does (well, it SHOULDN’T anyway, but we won’t get into that…). To have a boy circumcised is to surgically remove an innocent and perfectly healthy part of his body. I understand some choose to do so for religious reasons (some research says that the practice began as a way to prevent masturbation - a lot of good THAT did, eh?), and I do respect that. But there are no valid medical reasons for it, and in fact not only is it NOT recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics (or any other major medical association), nor is it covered by a good majority of insurance companies, but the USA is the ONLY country in the world who does non-religious routine circumcision. And even if I did think it was a good idea, it is not my body, it is my son’s, and therefore not my decision to make. If you want more info, read this article.

Common Goddess - Out.

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